The Good Weird is a small online store started by Ashley, a stay-at-home mom living in Buffalo, NY. She holds a degree in History and is interested in technology, the web, music, travel, collecting, and everything weird or unusual. This site was started in an effort to increase earning potential while still devoting time to family and hobbies. Curating an e-commerce site to bring together unique products from around the world requires time, research, and a passion for the type of items you are selling. It also means being there for your customers around the clock. If you need to reach the owner and operator of this site regarding an order, a product question, or something else,please contact Ashley by filling out the form below.

The name of the site is from something I’ve heard people say a lot in my life. Someone calls another person or thing “weird” and then quickly adds: “the good weird.” This has made me think of how the strange, atypical, unique, eccentric, odd things/people in the world can be met with either disdain and aversion, or curiosity and enthusiasm from us. Often these emotions happen all at once or in quick succession as people’s initial gut reaction subsides into one of interest and amusement. So this site aspires to be weird, but the good weird.

Payment Methods

All major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, are accepted through my two main payment processors: Stripe, which is a popular and secure processor allowing small businesses to accept credit cards online or in person, and PayPal for those who are more comfortable with that platform or wish to use a bank account or other non-credit method.

Free Shipping

All shipping is free on this site, however, many items could take 30-40 days to arrive. This mainly depends on if I have the item in hand or use a supplier overseas. Most items will arrive within 14 days. Please keep this is mind when ordering for time sensitive gift-giving events such as birthdays or holidays and please don’t wait to order, as leaving a wide window for delivery is least likely to result in disappointment. I do not refund for items not arriving in time for your event, but am here for any other issues you have with your order. Please use the contact form below to contact me.

On occasion I have not been able to ship orders to certain locales outside the US, which depends on your country and the product ordered. In those rare instances I will process a prompt refund. I have shipped to roughly 15 different countries so far without problems and hope to do more business with my global neighbors. Thank you for shopping The Good Weird.